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  • New project coming: "Worthy"
  • Personal photos updated
  • Exclusive: TOMS Challenged Americans to Go One Day Without Shoes
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    Webmiss: Katya
    Site name: Gillian Zinser Network
    Officially Opened: February 01, 2011
    Domain: www.gillian-zinser.net
    Host: Fan-Sites.org

    Gillian Zinser Network was officially launched on February 01, 2011. I really wanted to make first fansite about Gilly after seeing her in the hit tv series of “90210″. Ivy was really a fresh air on the show, her style is so cool, i mean did she was the first girl who wears sneakers there? :D Her communication with the boys was great, i mean she hanging out with them so simply. Also her hobbies, like surf and skating also amazing. I really liked her from the first sigh, she present one interesting girl, who not thinking about glamour and fashion at all, but in the same way her clothes really inspires. So after being her fan on the screen, i started collect her pictures. Should i say what her off-screen style are really unique and she is such a sweet personality? I think everyone is sure of this. And i really loved that my fansite is really first, cause i never seen any webpages about Gilly.


    Are you Gillian? No, i’m not Gillian Zinser herself, don’t have any contact with her or her management.

    How can i contact with her? We have no official contact address for Gillian at this time, but you can find her official Twitter page, it’s worth to see (@msgillianzinser).

    Is this Gillian’s official site? No, it’s not. We are 100% unofficial.

    Does/has Gillian come to this site? I have no idea. But i can say, what when i launched fansite in February, Gillian already have Twitter, and i could not resist to inform her about it. She was really nice and in fact she reply to me. Sometimes i get messages from her via DM and this is the best opportunity i have ever.

    Can I use one of your sites photos for my site, magazine or other publicated service? : No. Only because we do not own the rights to these photos. They are tagged to show they were originally posted here but it does not mean we own them in any way.

    Can I use the pictures for fan art and things like that? Of course! Please donate the fanart later, and I’ll add it to the site & take care of credit.

    Who maintains this website? This website build by Katya. I am not being paid to run this site, and I’m just a fan.